Protocraft AAR for Exposition Flyer CB&Q XM-32

It's been I while since I post, but this is a special one. I'm using this gorgeous car to model CB&Q's 30034 in pullman green for a 1940's Exposition Flyer. It is for the most part correct with 8 step ladder, murphy's roof and appropriate door. The trucks are PSC and fit nicely, however I need to remove the outer brake shoes. I did add steam lines and need to add a secondary air signal. I love the PC couplers, just awesome. Painting should be "easy" as it's just one color throughout, the goal is to match the finish in my PSC CB&Q ex-troop kitchen express car. I did get PC's decals and they are a cut above the rest. I will need to change a few numbers in them though.

I also have the XM-32 Burlington bulletin coming my way if you were wondering, should be of great help. Let me know your thoughts, guys. These cars were seen on the Expo for many years, they even lasted all the way to the E7 years. Enjoy the pictures!



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Always admired these Havelock Shop (NE) products. A real battleship look - will make a nice companion to your new Hudson.  In a train, they are noticeably taller then conventional passenger equipment, adding visual interest to the consist.

Should you care to avoid surgery on your current trucks, Precision Scale does sell Allied Full Cushion trucks with inside hung brake shoes.

Lifted from CB&Q employee timetable:

 "Freight cars equipped for handling in passenger trains will be considered the same as standard passenger equipment"         (as opposed to lightweight, Zephyr equipment, allowed a higher authorized speed). 

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