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It's been I while since I post, but this is a special one. I'm using this gorgeous car to model CB&Q's 30034 in pullman green for a 1940's Exposition Flyer. It is for the most part correct with 8 step ladder, murphy's roof and appropriate door. The trucks are PSC and fit nicely, however I need to remove the outer brake shoes. I did add steam lines and need to add a secondary air signal. I love the PC couplers, just awesome. Painting should be "easy" as it's just one color throughout, the goal is to match the finish in my PSC CB&Q ex-troop kitchen express car. I did get PC's decals and they are a cut above the rest. I will need to change a few numbers in them though.

I also have the XM-32 Burlington bulletin coming my way if you were wondering, should be of great help. Let me know your thoughts, guys. These cars were seen on the Expo for many years, they even lasted all the way to the E7 years. Enjoy the pictures!



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Always admired these Havelock Shop (NE) products. A real battleship look - will make a nice companion to your new Hudson.  In a train, they are noticeably taller then conventional passenger equipment, adding visual interest to the consist.

Should you care to avoid surgery on your current trucks, Precision Scale does sell Allied Full Cushion trucks with inside hung brake shoes.

Lifted from CB&Q employee timetable:

 "Freight cars equipped for handling in passenger trains will be considered the same as standard passenger equipment"         (as opposed to lightweight, Zephyr equipment, allowed a higher authorized speed). 

This is a car Jack (Division Point) didn’t do on the HO Flyer likely due to the not as common nature to the consist like the WP and CB&Q Head end cars. West of Lincoln no mail contract so it’s simply storage and excess so these critters were added in high demand runs I suspect meaning they ran Chicago - San Francisco. Dr Allen doesn’t have anything in the Expo Flyer data file that I can find except what you see in the Expo book the Q Society did. 

Between Jefferson and myself maybe a visit to the library at the CRRM I might be able to find some further shots of the cars. I also decided to build one too picked up another Protocraft box and PSC Allied trucks I had from Back stock. 

However worth noting is the following image with one acting as possibly overflow of storage ahead of the usual suspects; one of my favorites the 1550 class baggage cars  


Some nice Phase II E5’s in full skirts brings the eastbound Expo over the Mississippi at Quincy, Illinois detoured due to flooding on the Iowa line. Image copyright: 1947 Kalmbach Publishing. 

As you’ve already figured out this train was anything but a standard consist.  



Fellowship group of O Scale & P48 modelers, & operators in Colorado. We operate the Longmont Terminal & Northern RR Co. L.L.C. - "Have fun, run trains". 


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Erik C Lindgren posted:

I also decided to build one too picked up another Protocraft box and PSC Allied trucks I had from Back stock. 


Excellent! My bet is DP didn't produced the "buy war bonds" car either. That would be fun to have too! The issue did provided me with valuable info, just no pics of the 30000-30049 cars.

The following are from the Burlington Bulletin and use for reference only. 

30050 was the first red colored freight intended xm-32 to come out of HV. This means that if you are modeling the 30000-30049 Pullman green cars, the built date should be before 11-40. Notice no steam and secondary air lines.






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rdunniii posted:

Anyone know if the Flyer was ever pulled over the WP by FTs?  There is a Vanishing Vistas card photo claiming to show it and but there is not enough visible for me to tell.

Don't recall a picture, but it was definitely pulled by RG FT's and by WP F3's. It's not an impossibility. 

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