A bronze plaque was mounted in the old (1910) Chicago & North Western Station in downtown Chicago, which honored WWI  and WWII C&NW veterans.  It now resides at the Illinois RR Museum, which is fitting.   But....I find it a little bit revolting that the folks who modernized the NW Station could not retain the plaque and pay proper homage to the veterans.

On the subject of war memorials, the first time I was moved by the one at 30th Street Station.


Dan Padova


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Interestingly, in the U.K. the railroads (oops! I mean "railways") gave their employees similar badges to employees who did NOT served in the military. In Britain in WW1 it was expected that every man who could serve would volunteer, but some volunteers were rejected because they worked in defense-related work like railroading or munitions factories etc.. The badge was given to employees who had volunteered but were turned down, showing they weren't shirkers.

- Stix

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