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So I know that in general tenders should not be interchanged between different engines due to the variety of possible incompatibilities-

That said, I’m specifically looking for guidance for a single scenario-

I have a 3rd Rail NYC ESE that I have just finished upgrading to PS3 (photo is prior to upgrade, ignore the cabling shown)

I would like to have an optional PT tender to swap with it, and I’m currently considering purchasing an MTH 20-3059-1 J-1e Hudson with PS2, which I believe to be a 5V board.

My plan is to just do a complete PS3 upgrade to the J-1e Hudson, then the tender swap should be a no brainer.

My question is this, I know very little about the stacker boards, would a tender that has been upgraded with the PS3/2 stacker board be fully compatible with my PS3 upgraded ESE engine? Could I save money by just getting the stacker board?



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No.  If you have a real PS-3 upgrade which is boiler board in engine and tender board intender and try to match that with a PS-32 board it won't work.  One is 6 pin the other 10.  One is a diesel board other is a steam.

You can swap PS-1 tenders and you can swap PS-3 6 pin PS-3 tenders for testing.  You can't mix and match different PS systems.  G

You are going to loose a lot of lighting features if you move the board from the engine to the tender.

So these are not PS-3 upgrades.  These are PS-32 steam upgrades to be clear.

This is a silly question if you're doing the upgrade.  If you make it the same in both engine and tenders why couldn't you swap tenders.  They would be wire the same, just with different sound files.  G

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