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I have a UP Turbine (Premier 3 Unit Big Blow) which was upgraded to PS2 (3 volt boards) which I would like to upgrade to PS3.  This engine has two powered engines (Cab and Turbine unit) with the Turbine unit containing a slave board connected to the Cab with a tether. 

My question is, can I upgrade the Cab only with the PS3 upgrade kit? Will the PS3 board set talk to the PS2 slave board set in the Turbine unit?   Do I have to do 2 upgrades?


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Like GRJ stated above, your unit is a working ps2. Why do you need to go PS3 when all you need is the correct BCR.

I understand the PS1 to PS3 but if you have a working PS2, why the urge to upgrade to PS3?

 To my understanding, there are no slave boards in PS3. Every unit with motors needs a PS3 board with it. At least that gets rid of the wire teathers?

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The sound board in the Cab unit is dead (speaker flaking shorted out something) and I was exploring alternatives.  Since MTH has released a PS3 version of the big blow an upgrade seemed like the easiest path given that a sound file for PS3 exists.

Is it true that there are no slave boards for PS3?  Getting rid of the tether between the powered units would be nice.


Chances are I can fix your PS-2 3V audio amp to restore sounds.  PS-3 will not run a PS-2 Slave board.  The PS-32 repair board will; which could get you the PS-3 sound file.  That would be a better approach than going full PS-3 in the lead unit.

Audio amp fix would be much cheaper though.

Early PS-3 do use slave boards and require a tether.  But the slave board is a PS-3 slave, not PS-2.  It also incorporates a Tach reader, so it operates different than the PS-2 versions.

MTH did decide to do away with PS-3 Slaves and never made a PS-3 Slave kit like they did with PS-2.  What you have is two PS-3 engines run as a MU or lashup.  That does do away with tethers.  I would also say, if upgrading a PS-1 Turbine going this route is necessary as it is a pain routing 10 pin harness through the 4 pin type the PS-1 used.  Requires grinding on trucks and a custom length harness.  G

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How would I send the board stack to you?  I removed it from the Cab unit and tested it on the PS2 board test fixture to be sure that it is the board set and not an issue in the wiring in the engine.  I also confirmed that the speaker did flake out so it needs replacement as well.  If you can fix the audio failure, I can order a replacement speaker.


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