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@HSD68 posted:

Had to move some boxes for a closet project so I pulled out some of the girls. Lets see yours.

I love MPC and while it gets shown no love lets face facts. Clean crisp graphics simple to run and easy to repair. Yes they are not scale but many of those big scale steamers will be dead when MPC keeps right on running. This Christmas I brought out my first MPC a PC GP9 that I converted over to simple TMCC. Simple smooth and it runs ! !

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All of the engines in those pictures have been packed away for a long time.  The D&H  was converted to magnatraction tears ago.  It will pull anything but not as much as the FM.   I have a couple that I run but not having a layout we are stuck with running through the house on the floor from time to time.

Here's another photo for you HSD68. The B&O F3 on the left is a single motor F3 from MPC shown side by side with the "Neil Young" edition F3 from several years ago.

Despite the single motor, this MPC model is a robust puller and the original (and noisy) e-unit is still going strong. I've resisted the urge to upgrade my MPC's to more modern electronics even though I operate in a TMCC environment. There's something nostalgic about the original electronics, although maintaining those e-units is a challenge!

L1030293 [2)


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Love all those D&H units.  The ones that I have were converted to magnatraction.  They still run like all of the  3 axle engines run, but will pull a LOT.  Like to run them with a piggyback train.

When I was a teenager, If you wanted a B&O coal train you had one choice, the 9110.  In the early 80's, you could find these at York for 2-5$.

Here is a few of them



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@Sean007 posted:

Now that is a great looking MPC set!

How's it run?

Runs great! The 8254 unpowered unit was upgraded with a powered chassis by the previous owner so I can run with two motors.

I also picked up the 9200 IC boxcar that must have been changed out of the set for the 9301 mail car.


Here's a later issue1985 GP9 8587 the JC Penny Wabash special with prototype engine number 484 also with electronic horn.


Here's the first MPC catalog cover from 1970.


Have fun running and collecting your MPC they made some great trains.


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Here are a couple of MPC repaints done 35 years ago.  They were N&W and PC junkers picked up real cheap. The WM short hood was cut off and sliced in half and a new windshield made.  Did some F's too.

Used to run a large, 3 track,DSCF3607 072 L shaped thing in my friends basement on the rug.  The MPC GP's and F's all run great together so you can run a couple on front and 2 or 3 as pushers on 80-90 car trains and have no problems.  Used to have small black rubber bands for any problem couplers.


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Well I have lot of MPC stuff as I only re-entered into the Lionel era after my sons were born in the early 70's.  So most of my new train buying was MPC.  In collecting I tend to go for the pre-war struff but I mostly run MPC...reliable, easy to fix, maintain.  Here is one I got just this Saturday at a train show in Plano, Tx.

Lionel MPC #8551 Santa Fe Alco  from 1973-75  This engine was only sold as a stand alone "A" unit.

Lionel 8351 SF Alco A sideLionel 8351 SF Alco A front

Here is a little video with a short train, note IC boxcar is MPC as well.

Best Wishes



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  • Lionel 8351 SF Alco A side
  • Lionel 8351 SF Alco A front
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Lionel 8351 SF Alco A with train

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