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I have a project in the works that requires a single powered truck being controlled by DCC.  I am in the process of gathering information for it.  Here are the constraints:

  • Very small footprint - the total area available is 1.75" wide x 2.0" long x 1.5" high (from the top of the rail).
  • The area described above must contain the truck, DCC decoder, and 2 small DC motors.  No lights or sound. 
  • My own lack of knowledge on the subject.  I have run trains with DCC, but that's it.  Willing to learn.


So here are my questions:

  1. Does anyone have any experience controlling a NWSL HO Stanton Drive with DCC?  How difficult was it?  What decoder did you use?  Any gotcha's?  Do you know of any written directions or instructional videos on the subject?
  2. Any recommendations for other drives besides NWSL?
  3. Any recommendations for DCC decoders (small) for this purpose?
  4. I assume I will need a board / wiring harness for the DCC decoder.  Any advice there?


Thanks in advance.  If you prefer, please feel free to respond to my e-mail (in profile).


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