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I have another question. I am looking at a Rail King engine with, Train Control System. Can anyone enlighten me to how this system works? Can the remote system be converted to TMCC or another control?

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Get an MTH catalog or log-on to their website for an explanation of the DCS in your Rail King locomotive.

Going to TMCC is a downgrade as DCS far exceeds the features and capabilities of TMCC.

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I’ll second Bobby’s comment.  You are better off using the manufacturer’s proprietary control system (DCS in this instance) as that provides the most complete access to the features available in that manufacturer’s engines.

When you add Lionel engines to your fleet; spend the extra money and add Legacy as well.


Is 'Train Control System' the same as DCS? Most of my trains are MTH, but I don't recall ever hearing the 'Train Control System' term before?  However, I have only been back in the hobby since 2011, possibly older terminology? 

Maybe an MTH product number would help? Would help me anyway. 

I have never heard that term used to describe a specific system, but it certainly can be used without caps as a generic to include DCS, TMCC, and mechanical E-units.  If you post the loco model number, that would help.

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 I am looking at a Rail King engine with, Train Control System. Can anyone enlighten me to how this system works? Can the remote system be converted to TMCC or another control?

Providing the product number of the MTH locomotive would sure help a LOT! Should be a 30- number

The digital control system for MTH trains has always been DCS (not some other name).

Still, providing the product number for folks here will lead to all the answers.

OK, that’s a ProtoSound 1 system made by QSI for MTH. It works best with a conventional transformer with whistle and bell controls. Features are programmed by cycling voltage between low and high levels while the engine is in Reset mode (neutral at power up).  Features are activated by the whistle or bell controls, if not automatic... The MTH Z4000 transformer has features specifically for PS1 programming. 

Upgrading a PS1 diesel to TMCC or DCS is  fairly straightforward. Both systems have suitable upgrades available, it’s just a matter of which you prefer. 


One other thing to consider if your running this engine or about to. Change the battery!  Very important with a PS-1 which appears to be what you have if the old white battery is still in there I wouldn’t put any voltage to it until you change it to an MTH green battery. Even though it is a conventional engine it still has a board that you can damage usually beyond repair if you have a weak battery.       This is the one MTH has in stock now.  50-1008.  


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You can convert it to a "remote control" system, either DCS or TMCC using Electric Railroad components. However, a DCS will run close to $200, not including cost of installation, and the TMCC about $130, not including cost of  installation (although you can install these yourself if you have a certain level of capability). Add upgraded sound systems, and by the time you're done, you're going to have a lot of money invested in this older engine. A lot of folks would tell you to consider instead purchasing a newer engine with MTH DCS or Lionel TMCC, or better yet Lionel Legacy,  already built in. 

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