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I've collected a lot of stuff over the years. Most of it very heavy. Most of it I've never got around to setting it up to display. Although, we're going to move to a new home soon. I have plans of setting up my signals and switch stands, finally. I have crossing signals, block signals, switch stands, hand and switch lanterns. Here's an example of signals I own. 

And as the sunset faded, I spoke to the faintest first starlight.
And I said next time, Next time, We'll get it right!


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Last week I picked up a builder plate at an antique fair outside London.  From what I have been able to determine it is from an early group of Baldwin narrow gauge locomotives shipped to England during WW1.  The locomotives designated 10-12-D.  These were tank engines with a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement.  They were used to shuttle supplies to the front lines in France.  Couple of Wikipedia articles:

 Appreciate any additional or corrected insight others might be able to share.  Piece looks authentic; but wouldn't be upset if a copy given what I paid.



Ted R


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I have a couple of original RR advertising posters, and this is my favorite, a rather optimistic and misleading GWR poster from 1904. Mine is framed and hangs in my dining room, but I don't have a camera or smart phone to photograph it, so I've posted an image from the web. It's about 3 feet x 4 feet and always generates questions and conversation.



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gandydancer1950 posted:
NJCJOE posted:

Railroadiana......my other hobby. I collect anything used by the railroad including lanterns, signs, tools, lamps, signals, paper and other hardware.

























Wow, very impressive!

Impressive is an understatement, Jo Where do you find all this stuff all's I've got is a few date nails I would like to find a really clean at a lake switch Lantern if I could find one in a fair price.

Joe Gozzo


I sold the Worcester sign back about 7 years ago. Sorry.

Most of my items are found at auctions, flea markets and antique shops. Ebay and Craigslist used to be fruitful but not much anymore. The railroadiana show in Gaithersburg, Md. also has provided a bunch of these items over the years.

Now, who's coming over to help me move this stuff to the new house?



I really like seeing some of these item people find related to railroads. As much as I would love to be able to get some of the bigger items to put outside. I don't think my wife would let me, I think having one or two 1:1 size signals would be fun. I think it would be interesting to fine items from the New York Central Railroad, since it went through the city/town where I live. One of the buildings that was used by the New York Central is still Standing. Though I don't think it is in the best condition. There was another railroad that ran North-South in my home town, though I can't remember what that one was. I believe that that building is also still standing, can't remember what it is though. 

Edit: As much as I would love to be able to find old items in our house we own it would have been quite possible given our house was built in 1927. It was at one point converted to a Duplex then back to a single family home. The only items I have seen are some glass bottles in a closet in the basement, haven't really been up in the attic, though my wife has and says nothing is up there.


Most of my stuff is transit-related and mostly headsigns.

The first four photos show one that was sent to me at work by a transit agency that we sold some used buses to and I programmed the signs for them (one of my jobs at the agency that I worked for).  When they were finished with the buses, I asked if I could get one of the signs, I said that I would be willing to come up to remove one but they said that it was no problem for one of their mechanics to do it. About a week later this package showed up:






These were purchased directly from SEPTA in Philadelphia:



The 1   TURN BACK  came from the agency that I worked at and was given to me when the last of the 1980 Flexible buses were retired. The Washington Metro   Vienna  sign was purchased at the Gaithersburg Railroadiana Show many years ago:



The  CONSHOHOCKEN ROAD EXPRESS  sign came from a Red Arrow Lines Norristown line car bullet car, it is my second favorite sign (not pictured is my first, the sign from a 1947 Greyhound "Silversides" coach. The FORT McHENRY  sign is from Baltimore Transit bus #1607:



My other signs gathered together for packing for my move:



A modern color sign that I programmed (and wish that I had one! ):


Later Gator,



Here comes a Yankee with a blackened soul,
Heading to Gatow with a load of coal.
......Anonymous U. S. pilot during the Berlin Airlift


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I don't recall if I posted these elsewhere in this long thread, but I'm sorry if I have...

Original timetables (1934 and 1943) from the ET&WNC, along with a 1943 train order and a timecard from the RR:

Original builder plate off a WW2 army flatcar (found in Belgium):

Some original ET&WNC stock certificates are along the back wall:

I have a large amount of various items from the 1940s, as well as a few builder plates off various equipment. over the doorway as you leave the layout room, there's also an EMD plate from the very month in which I was born.

I also have a line on a switch stand that I think I can get for not much money...

I'd be worried about such signs in the back yard, as I have known a couple of guys with them who'd had them taken right out of the yard. One guy even had an entire working RR crossing signal (wiring and all) uprooted one night when he was away. I always wondered who would steal that...

As the National Vice President for the Railroadiana Collectors Association (RCAI); I would be remised if I didn’t encourage all of you to check out our organization on the web: www.railroadcollectors.org or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1553694474718552/

I am 36 years old and obviously one of the youngest in this hobby. We would welcome new members and interest from anyone that collects timetables, locks/keys, lanterns, signals and all points in between. I’m very encouraged by the interest in this thread. Our organization has been around since 1971 and by far the primer group on the collecting of railroad memorabilia and antiques. We welcome all to our group! 

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