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Only way the PTC can be disabled “legally” is by PTC help desk informing you the lead end cannot be oriented for the route for some type of failure and after you talk to the central road foreman’s office in Atlanta for the NS.

Then you notify the dispatcher all of this has occurred .

But if you take it upon yourself the big eye in the sky will know pretty quick and order you to stop safely without blocking crossings and you’ll be escorted off the property for deactivating a Federal safety device .

You will be fired most likely for good and face fines and possible jail time.

So no it’s not really possible legally .

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You regularly go into dark territory or leave PTC signaled track which automatically downgrades the system to restricted ( on PTC that is 18mph ) .

Before reentering PTC signaled territory you have to make sure your engine is oriented for your direction of travel and make sure a track line appears. It may take several hundred feet for it to become active .

But like I mentioned above ,under no circumstances are you to enter PTC territory without PTC capable without talking to PTC help desk .

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