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I need to replace latch couplers on prewar Lionel 600 series red and gray passenger cars.  I believe these cars only came with latch couplers.

The couplers fit through horizontal slots on the end of cars.  The shanks of the couplers end in a T shape that is bent upward at a 90 degree angle in order for the T on the end of the shank to fit in keyhole -shaped slots in the bottom of the frame at each end.

Do I need to buy replacement latch couplers with straight (unbent shanks) to fit through the slots? This would require bending the shanks at a 90 degree angle after fitting the T end through the slot.

Or, do I need to buy latch couplers that already have the 90 degree bend in the shanks? Will this bent coupler fit through the slots?

Replacement couplers are available with or without the 90 degree bend.

Thanks for any replies.

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