Replacing MTH steam dummy coupler with Kaydee

Ive seen in a few pictures that guys have swapped out the dummy front coupler with a kadee coupler that looks much better. Is there any modification that needs to be made to the pilot of a MTH premiere locomotive to hold the kadee coupler? Also is there a size/model coupler that works best? 

The kadee coupler does not need to be functional and I would still like to be able to swap out for the O gauge dummy coupler for double heading.



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Normally its a matter of modifying the Kadee shank to fit in there. What I do is cut off the rear portion of the shank (the entire portion with the hole in it) and then drill/tap a hole in the shank/drawbar to fit the screw in the pilot. 

Just make sure the shank/hole is long enough to reach.



I did this recently on an MTH Premier L1s Mikado.  That loco came to me with just the large dummy. See picture below which shows the dummy, an unadulterated kadee, and the kadee that I cut and drilled to match the post of the dummy.   Pretty easy job give it a shot.




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Dave Zucal posted:

Does anyone know of a supplier for the shoulder screw MTH uses for the front coupler? I purchased a used MTH Premier H-10 that was missing it. Midge told me MTH doesn't sell them.

If no one else suggests a source, what I do is simply take a standard full thread screw and cut piece of tubing for the shoulder.


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