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Well Guys,

I guess after 3 years, it's time that I glued a few people down on my layout.    I am only going to go with pre-painted figures.

In looking at the variety of figures available, I really like the "1940's" looking folks.   

It seems as if the BEEP standing people, and the Preiser standing figures, look the best to me.  The BEEP figures are cheap, and the Preiser figures are expensive.

Has anybody had any experience with these two products, quality wise?    I am trying to compare the two, to decide.



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Manny- the BEEP's are not to scale and are lacking is some detailing. The Preiser's are much better detailed and I think scale size.

I have both the BEEP standing and seated figures. The seated will go in passenger cars one day and are smaller than the standing figures. For the price, I think they are fine overall. I'd rather spend the train budget on trains.

2024-03-06 11.28.48

For comparison, the engineer figure is from Woodland Scenics.

2024-03-06 11.30.37

Checking them to scale- the WS figure is a little over 1.5" which equals about 6'2" 1:1. The standing BEEPs are slightly larger or about 7'0" 1:1.

2024-03-06 11.43.26

But our tracks have a 3rd rail down the center so......



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