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Model Railroader magazine had a feature on his layout a few years ago.  Should be able to buy the back issue.

I've got that issue somewhere. Very impressive. His attention to detail is amazing. He would work on things for his layout in his hotel room during breaks when he was touring, which this article mentions as well.

"Sir Rod started the project in 1993 and said he would book an extra hotel room when he was away on tour to work on it on the road."


So did he build modules or was he makeing buildings and rolling stock?  


Rod " Front desk please.."

FD.. "yes sir"

Rod "I need 16 2x4s, chop saw, 4 sheets 3/4 plywood, 2.5 inch wood screws and a house salad"

FD "Well,  uh Ok"

FD 1 to FD 2...  "What is he doing up there.. no clue but if that is what he wants, Home Depot is around the corner."


I remember reading about his love of trains many many years ago.  I think back in the early 90's. And the article talked about how people would throw model railroad kits on stage during his concerts.     I wonder if they still do that? 



IIRC, the article in MR said that he used Chicago as a base for most of his US tour, and would "commute" by plane before and after each concert, so he was back in the same hotel most nights.  Had an extra room where he kept his supplies and built building kits for relaxation.  The article gave the impression that although he has hired a lot of help (which is not at all uncommon in our hobby), he also is very personally involved in the process.  

I'm kind of surprised that it's taken Railway Modeller so long to run a feature on him.

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