Running your trains through . . . (?)

Only in China.....LOL  Although Disneyworld can't be left out.....Ha

Dan Padova


"In the course of my life I have had to eat my words, and I must confess it was a wholesome diet"..........Winston Churchill


Interesting.  I learn something every day.  

Dan Padova


"In the course of my life I have had to eat my words, and I must confess it was a wholesome diet"..........Winston Churchill


Years ago, in the Montgomery County, MD/Suburban Washington DC train show circuit, there was a woman who had a Z gauge layout.

Half was a European country scene - I think in Winter with snow, skiers, etc. the other half was a dollhouse. A mountain separated the two. With the flip of a switch, the train would go into the tunnel and enter the dollhouse, run around the Christmas tree (the wall was off the side of the house to allow people to view) in the living room of the house. Another flip of the switch sent the train back "outside".

It was extremely well done and always drew a crowd. I have not seen this woman and the layout in at least 10 years. A local HO friend of mine, I believe, kept in touch with her. If I recall correctly, she moved out West. I will have to ask him what became of her and the layout next time I see him. Wish I had a photo of this set up, it was quite a hoot!

The NYC's elevated West Side Freight Line viaduct ran through building on it's route.     And of course there are railroads whose sidings entered the buildings at levels other than the ground floors.  The Reading in Philly during the Reading Terminal era comes to mind.

Here's one of the links to the NYC brochure on the West Side Line's details:

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Hi Pete,

That's an old photo of the Polo Grounds shuttle. It ran from the 167th St station of the Jerome Ave IRT line, through the area where the new Yankee Stadium is located, and under the buildings in the photo which faced on Anderson Ave. It came out of the tunnel at Sedgwick Ave, and then crossed the Harlem River to the Polo Grounds.


(Edit: I started this before Jim P. posted...had to do a little bit of digging and Google Maps-ing)

Looks like the 9th Avenue Elevated in The Bronx. Rapid transit.

Long abandoned and most traces difficult to see unless you know where to look. The tunnel is still there (it went under the apartment buildings below street level), but sealed off. The street where the elevated portion connected to the Jerome Avenue line is blocked by the new Yankee Stadium, the only remnants obscured by trees on Google Earth. (if you look there, it's the blue-painted wall facing the Stadium as Jerome Avenue curves away from it heading south, and if you scroll back to the #4 subway on River Ave, you'll see the stub of the former connector sticking out from under the structure)

Pictures of the Ninth Ave El remnants


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The old M&M building, now University of Houston Downtown, has an old parking lot built on air rights over the old SP now UP Houston Terminal Sub Passenger Main.  Looks as if it was built THROUGH the building, but the building was built around it.

The TEXAS SPECIAL:  The REAL RED streak of the golden prairies!

Mobile Convention Center; the CSX tracks were Louisville & Nashville between Montgomery and New Orleans; originally the old Mobile & Montgomery. You can get some nice top-of-locomotive shots here.

I did not take these shots. They are looking North; the Mobile River is immediately to the right.

(I love wide-angle shots - it looks like the building to the left is leaning; I assure you that it is not...or is it...?)




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