There was a recent discussion about people in the O scale category, and it got me to thinking about figures in this scale.

I got some OO gauge (1:76) people, painted them up and here are a couple next to a Winross tractor. (I also put a generic O scale guy in the background, just for laughs.)


Although these OO fellows are admittedly a bit small (only about 5 1/2 feet tall), I don't think they look too bad...what do you think?

Mark in Oregon


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I usually put "true 1/64" figures in the foreground of my layout with "larger 1/64" vehicles like those from M2 Machines, and use 1:72 figures near "average 1/64" vehicles like those from Johnny Lightning that are placed in the midground, and 1:76 figures near smaller (bigger than 1/87 but smaller than 1/72) vehicles like some of those from Matchbox in the background. 

I do the same thing with telephone poles, making them modestly taller in the foreground and progressively smaller as they recede toward the background.

This kind of forcing the perspective works modestly well if the layout is at waist level but looks really good if the layout is at eye level. 


Strummer posted:
LittleTommy posted:

I usually put "true 1/64" figures in the foreground of my layout...

Where do you find those, and what brands do you use? It seems finding "civilian" figures in 1/64 is difficult at best...

Mark in Oregon

Hi Mark,

The National Association of S Gaugers' Website lists a number of good places to find figures. 

Among them are American Models (look under Accessories on

Arttista (scroll down to see the S scale figures)

CatzPaw Innovations

Fun and Games

Model Tech studios

Port Lines Hobbies (has figures from multiple brands)

Pulp Figures (28 mm gaming figures-the Gangland Justice series has a lot of usable figures for urban areas, but look at other series, too  )

Reviresco  (28 mm gaming figures- has some unusual figures like deep sea divers, sailors, baseball team, prize fighters survey team, safari bearers, chauffeurs , film crew and an AMAZING War of the Worlds Martian Tripod complete with martian crew)

Royal Train Equipment

The gaming figures have to be painted, but are well worth the effort as you don't see them on everybody else's layout, and even if they have the same figure, they have probably painted it differently.


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