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Hi;  I am trying to save and use old champ decals for my Pennsy equipment I have coated them with Microscale liquid decal film. they still break up.  I tried using several coats of the Microscale.  Same result. [ I am brushing it on as per instructions] Would spraying on the Microscale be a better bet?

Any advice would be welcomed, Don't know what I am doing wrong

Thanks Franky-Ogee

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oldrob posted:

 Those microscale decals are not very strong.

If they've not been kept in a sealed bag, controlled humidity environment,'re right about the Microscale decals. 

However, the poster's problem is with old Champ decals.

To which I say...good luck.  Taking some time to surf the net for old decal advice...among several branches of hobbies besides trains...can yield some options.  However, the options don't always apply to the specific 'Last-Hope' set.  

So,'s your luck been running, pal?

Decals (old) and I (also old!) have had a rather tumultuous relationship.   The closest I've come to full cardiac arrest, debilitating despair, postal pandemonium, etc. is with the decals from the old Strombecker wooden model trains that have the diesel E unit engines (B&O and COSF).  Those sheets of decals, I've decided, were/are a ticket to a whole new realm of blue language!  I believe I learned that from the ol' man....his effort to apply the B&O full-engine decal in one piece to my carefully crafted/finished engine about 65 years ago was.....well,.....let's just say it's a good thing the church pastor didn't show up at the same time!!!

And, so, seeing an original set of the same streamliner at a hobby show a few years ago, complete with the not-so-curled decal sheet, I thought to myself: 'Self!  You're smarter now,.....right?  You've developed some techniques, the manufacturers (Microscale) have a re-coat film, why not give 'er a try?!?"


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PRR Man posted:

I've had good success with Testors spray lacquer on old Champs decals. a light coat, let dry, repeat, repeat. too heavy and the lacquer may wrinkle the film.

Yup.  A light overspray, let dry, test a bit that you won't use, if good, go forward!  If not, repeat process until good.  Not had any problems with stiffness or failure to conform to surfaces - just enough sprayed on to get the job done.

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