Quite a while back I posted that I had used Scarm to design a switch toter for our live steam club.  Here's the follow up with pix of the fully operational machine.  It easily handles the 450 lb switches with one person, previously a 4 man job.  First pix is my rendering (Scarm), a full size branchline version, our machine ready to roll (disassembled), and the full machine assembled and being tested.  It works like a dream!  Thanks Mixey!  Russrender


ready to roll

fully rigged



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"some assembly required"!    Actually in the mobile mode having those 3 inch eye beams mounted makes it a little top heavy.  In transport mode they are laid flat on the flat car.  On site there are also stabilizers that get set to steady the whole rig.  We are anxious to use it in our continuing maintenance and further track growth.  Thanks for the interest.  We try and do as much as we can by rail and so this is just another rail borne 'tool'!.  Russ



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Oh, I'm not done bugging you yet..πŸ˜‚

Is a counter balance used? A cradle  under the rails, C-clamp over the head, holding on the web, etc... ?  

I.e., What does the flat car frame and one truck weigh? Is it easily enough to keep from see-sawing the light end off the rails?

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My aroma therapy? Smoke Pellets.


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