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I am new to using SCARM.  I am trying to draw the 362 Barrel Loader and the 456 Coal Ramp.  How do you draw a sloped object?  I have looked for something like a triangle but did not find anything similar.  Ideas?

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The 3D drawing engine in SCARM cannot draw a sloped line at this time.

You have to make a small object and stagger the heights while aligning the sides. Copy and paste and change the height in properties. group the objects as you go or as is appropriate to be able to take the entire piece and copy and paste for multiple supports.

Like one of the first video games - blocky.

I believe in the SCARM Blog, there is topic on bridges that describes this technique.

I have attached an Atlas O Truss bridge - look at it in 3D - an then look at it in 2D to see the stacked objects.

Mixy will add that one day, but is working on the simulator feature to improve that. The 3D coding takes more time.


Arctic Railroad


This thread might also be of some help. There were quite a few buildings, bridges, accessories, etc. posted here.

SCARM Layout & Image File Sharing

Also I believe a forum member has also setup a website for SCARM file sharing, but I can't find the link right now. He has posted recently about changing servers on their website, but I also can't recall the members moniker here. Watch for his update postings.

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