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Prompted by a discussion over in the #-rail forum, I want to ask if anyone is familiar with any SF-themed HO trains.

I have long wanted to see is an HO train themed for Space:  1999.  Despite being labeled 1/72 scale, the old Airfix/MPC Eagles and Hawks are much closer to 1/87 scale, and it would be pretty easy to scratch up a Moonbase Alpha landing pad and some buildings.  A great deal could be done with just a 4' x 8' piece of foam with a tunnel on one end.

Few as there are in O, there just don't seem to be any SF-themed trains at all in HO.  Does anybody know of any?

Ah:  memories of the youth of a nerd!

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Palallin, this is my first post. I was browsing this forum and found your thread. There is an obscure branch of our hobby that centers on lay-outs that feature more than one time and place existing in the same time and place. My lay-out has room for improvement (I only started this hobby in January), but it features more than one time and place.SUNP0005SUNP0024SUNP0012SUNP0006SUNP0011SUNP0002SUNP0005SUNP0024SUNP0012SUNP0006SUNP0011SUNP0002ace together.


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Very interesting approach to the hobby, Vincent!  Looks like a lot of fun going on there.

FWIW, I am slowly collecting/designing what I need to carry out this project--a very quirky one, to be sure.

I will post about it as physical work begins.

Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO

Going over the web for a while, it LOOKS like this:

By far, the most common science fiction/fantasy theme on model railroads is dinosaurs. They are easily available in a wide variety of designs, but are usually only a part of a regular lay-out.

A distant second is "aliens." Flying saucers, military resistance, etc., but again, most are only part of a regular display.


Surprisingly it APPEARS that if a lay-out is entirely themed for science fiction/fantasy, the most common theme is underwater railroads. The trains aren't literally underwater but the lay-out uses aquarium supplies, colored plastic paper in front of light bulbs, etc.

You have good taste Vincent. The submarine and tuboat in G scale are by my all-time favorite master modeler Chris Walace. (Who happens to be the same as the CW of special effects fame; Return of the Jedi, the Fly, Indiana Jones, etc. etc.) There is an old web page "Chris's Creations" that has more along these lines as well as more traditional modeling. He also did 'Futureopolis'; a "spectacle layout" in Cal. at the Fairplex in San Diego (or was that San Fran.?) His style has had a great influence on much of my stuff. They make a small Lost In Space "JUPITER-II" if that helps.

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