Slip on Electrical Connectors for Lionel FasTrack - Exact Size!

Pine Creek Railroad posted:

Need to know the exact size of the Lionel FasTrack Slip on Electrical Connectors and where I can order them from now.




I used the ones from Digi-Key. They are a perfect fit.


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Tuscan Jim,

   Having built quite a few DCS/Legacy layouts I can tell you it's not the footage that degrades DCS signal, it the Track Joins.  Every 10-13 Track Joins set a drop, if you have them, use as many long pieces of track as you can.


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   Ordered the electrical connectors form DigiKey yesterday, very strange company having to actually register to due business with them on the Net!  Ordered 25 of them to see how I like them under the FasTrack.

Thanks again everybody I really appreciate it!



Never worry about what other people think, be strong and walk in the way of the Lord.

John H posted:

As I am pretty much done laying track, I have extra connectors. If anyone needs just a few, contact me and I'll be glad to send them to you. Dave, sorry I'm a little late to help you.

I'll take them.  I will send you an email with address.



Hi Dave

You probably don't want to hear this, but it only takes a wee bit more time to solder the connectors for your drops and then your done.

I would especially on that fancy ceiling track.

I have plenty of these if you need any more down the road just zap me a e mail.

Have Fun




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A crimp is a better connection than a solder connection. Many folks crimp and then solder. I don’t know, but I fear that affects a proper crimp. When you properly crimp, there is metal connected to metal with no gaps between. Solder is not really a great conductor, comparing it to copper.


I never use the insulated crimp on the wire stripper. I had too many pull out, so I always use the non insulated crimper. They never come apart. I got my connectors from and also have extra if someone needs a few. 


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   Good solder with high content of silver is the very best conductor, Crimp then Solder for the best connections.  However we are dealing with toy trains here not NASA Space Shuttle electronics.


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I worry that soldering heat loosens the crimp. Solder without a crimp can be ten times as resistive as a good crimp and resists breakage of the wire from vibration. For example, there are no soldered wires in vehicles.

Silver is put in solder to avoid scavenging silver from silver plated surfaces during soldering.


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