So I just bought a 1946 version of the 2020, which has the smoke bulb in it. Before I test it, what sort of smoke material should I use with the smoke bulb? I know they had an early version of the pellet for these, but will the ones for the heater-type smoke units work? Does liquid smoke fluid make too much of a mess? I'm not expecting it to work as well as any of my other smoke units, but just want to try it. Thanks

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The original 1946 smoke bulb pellets are noxious, hazardous, & very corrosive.


You will have no problem with the SP type pellets, original or repro, aside from the usual issue of the liquified pellet material being prone to spill out of the bulb dimple. Some folks have used a "sock" on the bulb of their own design to reduce spilling and enhance smoke output & pellet material retention(works with smoke fluids too).


I take the liner that is used in the bottom of the pellet units, fold it over on itself, soak it in smoke fluid, lay it on top of the bulb, and insert the bulb into the chamber. It smokes great! When it needs more fluid, just add it through the stack. I am very pleased with the output.

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