Seen: a 6220 NYC NW-2 with provenance, a factory test shot (1 of 6) of the castings of the Lionel PRR scale T-1 & Tender, a pre WW1 Bing gauge 1 passenger set with detailed interiors that looked fantastic, and a bunch of long time friends from all over.

Bought within the first hour: a Lionmaster PRR T-1, and a new belt for my #397 coal loader. Tapped-out and just walked around for the rest of the day grinnin' and gigglin'.

Had a nice day.

"You have to grow old. You don't have to grow up". Ray Bradbury

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Bought 3 nice 1:64 model cars for my small American Flyer postwar layout. That $21. was my total for the Meet. I bought them about 80 seconds after I entered the Orange Hall this morning at 9. Walked 'til my old legs said "STOP, GO HOME!". Missed the white and silver halls. Seems like the aisles in the Blue Hall were wider than usual (Red Hall has been this way for a while). Very good news, in IMO.

I bought little, and saw nothing l wanted beyond that, but saw an awful lot of Flyer for sale, and more Marx and rarer Marx than in some recent years.  Don't collect Flyer so can't speak to prices but saw Marx both inexpensive and "dang, and it is not even gold plated!".   I quit collecting it when it reached Lionel prices, so..was looking for new and different Lionel compatible.  Naturally, if you are not looking for find it..l thought l saw more of the early and obscure trains than usual.....or maybe l just noticed them because what l wanted stayed away in droves.  The parking lots seemed as full as in years past, but l saw way more empty tables than l remember.  Was this case of fewer sellers, but lots of shoppers?





??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

I think I may of had the steal of the show. I purchased a Lionel Legacy SD60e Go Rail engine for $260 from one of the forum sponsors. Did not have to negotiate that was the marked price. I asked if that was the correct price and the salesman said yes so I jumped on it.


A another great YORK concludes for me. Crowds a bit lighter but you had more time with a dealer and member seller when you engaged them at their booth or table.  I found a lot of goodies

New DCS remote at Just trains

Wire and Exacto Blades at B&B Hobby

Many detail items from Scenic Express

Picked up some detail part that were made for me by Harry Hieke

Pre-Ordered an MTH MP-15 in L.I.R.R. paint scheme from Nassau Hobby, Chris and Charlie have a custom run on 2 L.I.R.R. Paint Schemes

A Reading MTH coal hopper

A pair of Atlas-O Santa Fe diesels

What would York be without some J.T. Mega Steam.

An MTH end of Train Device

Two buildings  from Bob Ross

Replacement headlight for my Challenger from RoyZ

It was a great show for me - it was my 5th over the last 4 years and I thoroughly enjoyed it - was only able to attend on Friday but came home with a car full.

Picked up my Millhouse River Turntable

Bought a Warren Bridge from Mr Roman at Layouts

A bag of 50 seated passengers

RMT Stegmier Beer car

An Army Medical special run car at Stockyard Express

An MTH Erie Lackawanna Gondola

An MTH D&H caboose and double door box

JT Mega Steam - 3 different scents

Track from Ross

I met Bill Bramlage at lunch and view videos of his layout, discussed the hobby and OGR’s role, etc.  Also met a dealer who’s wife used to star on Broadway.

Learned many things from dealers and vendors including lighting, shadow boxes, ballast, roundhouses, and much more!

Renewed my MTH club membership

I would have purchased more but ran out of time.

I’m Looking forward to returning in October.



Super as always, bought things from coal to zstuff, covered hopper, rolling stock,and some great rf&p items. Spent twice my budget by Friday noon. Can't wait for October.

PS for the naysayers: don't show your age, nothing is like it was 10-15 years ago. Deal with it!

Hokie 71

Chief of Operations, Free Union, Blacksburg, and Albemarle Railroad (FUBAR)

Mth challenger from the lawsuit against lionel just before I left. 400 bucks. Wished I saw the legacy 2-8-8-2 for 600. That is a great deal. John

J Daddy posted:

Wow. Just wow. MTH 44 tonners ps3 for 225. Legacy 2-8-8-2 UP for 600. Legacy SD40 T for 275. And  Legacy E6 santa Fe engines for 750.00. I was tapped out in 30 minutes. ... Lots of fun and great deals.  Going back tomorrow. 


Coaster Dynamix got 90% of my money.  I purchased a Tilt-A-Whirl, Turtle and Shooting Gallery from them.  I really like their products.  They were sold out of the Ferris Wheel, so that's the only item I wasn't able to pick up.

If I would have seen the text from my wife before I left, they would have received more of my money!  

I had a very good time at this Spring York.   I only went Thursday 12-5pm.   I bought:

2 MTA Corgi Buses, 3 buildings from Bob Ross, K-Line 4pc Illinois Central Gulf aluminum 18” passenger set and Stoney Creek Ceramic Madison Hardware Building.


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