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It's not railroad related, but it's from the county in TN where my layout takes place. The upper stuff was found in my childhood home as my brother and I cleaned the house out for sale in July. The bank bag, I found that off eBay and just got it today.
I haven't been back to the area since long before I built the layout and I really wanna get back there.

There's a family issue that I'm worried about but can't do anything. So, I decided to fix something that has long been bugging me.

On my one caboose, it has a casting for the stove stack but you can see the bottom of it through the window if you look.


No visitor has ever seemingly noticed it, but I decided to fix it today. I cut a short section of straw and glued it in place. Now, the pipe will completely pass through the window view.


I also have a section of siding from the real caboose (its in the first photo). From it I grabbed a sliver and glued it to the floor. I'd never intended on putting in a detailed interior anyway.



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