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Santiago - Nice purchase, of the Poage "H" wheeled water column. Not universal across the Burlington, but sufficiently represented to characterize a number of Burlington locales. In Four ways West's "Burlington Route Passenger Trains - Vol Two", on p.49, just such a column is beautifully pictured, in a Neal Miller photo, next to the eastbound Denver Zephyr in Fort Morgan, CO, pulled by shovel nose (pre E5's) "motors", at sunset, 11-03-47. The same water column was seen at the Galesburg engine facilities, at the mainline coaling tower in Mendota, IL, and at the Centralia, IL engine facilities.  I am sure other locations, too, with out doing research.

Phil McC - think the Burlington held the speed crown in mid to late 1950's with their Twin Cities Zephyrs, in Trains Magazine speed survey conducted by Don Steffee.

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A friend of mine has the 3rd rail 5632 locked away in a storage unit.  It's new, never run and he should at least display it in his house but, no, it's hidden from admiring eyes (mine.)  I offered to buy it and he threw a fit because he chased it once & rode on an excursion behind it once and has an attachment.   Ah, well.  People do the weirdest things.   

Those O5s were nice looking engines, but I have never seen them look as nice as they do in Santiago's videos.  How does he do it?

There were rumors that circulated in 1960 that the Burlington's very creative Passenger Dept. (and successful - it is said the Denver Zephyr was profitable right up to the end of the CB&Q's existence)  was giving thought to instituting a Hudson powered daily passenger train. This was at the peak of ridership and enthusiasm for the Burlington's steam fan trip program. Of course, it never happened - would presume the sharp-pencil boys said it would not pay for itself. The heck of it was, ex-streamlined Aeolus #4001 had a major overhaul in the Denver Shop in 1955 - and was never used!  She might have been a worthy candidate for such an operation. Sadly she was sent to scrap at the end of 1960. She  was an all roller bearing rod Hudson, also of class S4a, and built to back-up passenger diesels on Zephyrs and the Expo.

Nice engine there, Santiago.  Thanks for posting.  When was that built?  Was it recently produced?  

It was a huge rush standing across the street from the Q's main in Berwyn and watching the California Zephyr, the North Coast and the Empire Builder leaving town in the evening.   Those beautiful trains would go past like they were shot out of a cannon.  I'm not quite old enough to recall the S-4s and O5s.  

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