Sunday Scenic Showcase August 13, 2017

Al, you're making my simple attempt look really bad. But then, I'm not making a scale teaching tool for the there's that. I'm interested to see how you're going to build the ring of steam jets. I've solved the problem of getting the warning light wiring down to the bottom, but I haven't designed what the upper works are going to be yet. I'm winging it. Do you have actual prints of this device. Is there any way you can share it?

Forty Rod posted:

Alan, are you going to rig this with a real flame?  That would justify the word "awesome".


Real flame would indeed be impressive (although it would suffer from "special occasions only" syndrome).

Short of that, that kind of flame could be very convincingly simulated with a bit of silk cloth, a flickering LED, and a tiny computer fan. That would be totally worth it.




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