Alan, building like no one else!



                                                 LIGHTS ON...…………………..




                                         Onto the next project......……….........…….




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Steve, Interchange looks great with the lights. Looking forward to your bridge. Steve what is that color paint? Looks great for old concrete.    Boilermaker1 nice buildings, great colors and nicely done.


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Boilermaker1 posted:

Nice work guys.

Ive been on a building spree lately.  Was pretty pleased with how these 2 came out



Lol! So you must be a "runner" now if also thrilled in "bungee jumping" would you have called the first establishment the "bung hole"?

Excellent work on those buildings BTW!

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Lol! So you must be a "runner" now if also thrilled in "bungee jumping" would you have called the first establishment the "bung hole"?


Well, I'm not into bungee jumping, so I wouldn't know.  Also, someone might mistake it for a store selling barrel plugs. 

A Runhole is a runner who neglects their family, friends and/or significant others while training for a race, a very appropriate name for a running store, and might also be somewhat representative of the guy who built it. 


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As a result of building Scrounger's Baseball Field, the bulldozers and back hoes were hard at work on my layout today transplanting a bunch of trees. LOL.

Here are some photos of the transplanted trees in different sections of my layout:








Some of my trees were bought already made, and they are probably nicer than my home-made ones, but I had a great time making the home-made trees, going for long walks and finding tall grass/weeds, cutting the tops of them, and finding symmetrical ends of branches and using Woodland Scenics materials to turn them into O Scale trees.

I think my trees are good, but not great. I look forward to improving my tree making technique, which will improve the scenery on my layout.


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Finished 12 building fronts. All have 1 inch sides and lights. All fronts are made with OGR panels cut and re-glued together in different configurations.

Carstons Cafe Supply [1)

I use LED strips and end the connections at a European style terminal. crimping wire ferrules works great with the terminals.

Carstons CafeteriaDelaneys Bakery [2)Express Freight Resident [2)Express Freight Storage [2)Long Neck BreweryMartaranoMilitary Recruiment [2)RJH toolSaulinias Market [2)Shermans PaintsA&B Boiler [1)Ziven Scrap

Joe Fauty


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