It's Switcher Saturday!!!!

Love switchers, shifters, docksiders, yard goats, critters? Join the fun and lets keep #SwitcherSaturday (a.k.a. SWSAT) rolling!

In cased you missed it, here is the link to last week's SWSAT, the Saturday crew last week posted some great stuff!

My picture today was grabbed from a Facebook group, it's too good not to share with you guys. I'll try to get a fresh picture of my Lionel NYC RS-3 later today, I'm not sure yet if I'll get the chance though - we have family staying with us for the holiday.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 4.12.22 PM

Happy Easter & Passover, and enjoy your weekend and when you get a chance - please post some switcher stuff here!

You know the rules:

1. if it's related to switchers (model switchers, prototypes, critters, switching yards, switching layouts) - we want to see it! Videos, Pics, Stories (true or fictional), poems, whatever!

2. if you miss the post on Saturday? NO BIG DEAL, just keep posting pictures of your favorites until the next #SwitcherSaturday

3. keep it friendly - we want this to be fun. (we haven't had any problems with grumpy trolls, I'd like to keep it that way)

All the best...Rich Murnane


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Original Post

Custom RS3 on K-Line MP-15 frame

As with art or movies, sometimes the visual suggestion is more powerful than an actual recreation as it allows one's imagination to kick in and do the rest.

My interest in prototypical fidelity goes as far as the tight radius and smaller rolling stock of 027 will allow. What I lose in actual realism, I gain in having something that looks more at home on a smaller layout. I've always admired the engineers of postwar Lionel who did such an excellent job with selective compression, shrinking down the size of a locomotive while keeping the general feel and look of the model.

This is a Lionel RS-3 shell, that I cut down in height and length to fit on a K-Line MP-15 frame.  As was, the Lionel RS-3 model certainly negotiated 027 curves and switch tracks, but this one in my eye, looks so much better with the sorts of rolling stock on my layout.



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I’m afraid this photo looks a little too much like my yard to be comfortable. No steam locomotive but several derelict cars plus a homeless man. My photo needs a sharper focus, but even though I messed it up you should still get an idea of what I saw in my mind. My new MTH switcher continues to run well--at the moment, it is double-headed with an MTH 0-4-0 A5 Penn. switcher. The two locomotives are pulling a caboose and three freight cars.



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Good morning fellow SWSat friends!!  Great photos and info from you guys ... I'm enjoying them all!!  Rich thanks for easing out the throttle and getting us rolling this morning!  Got to love that photo of the NYC RS up on the High Line!  

Here's a set of photos I call " The Tale of Two Switchers ".  I hope everyone has a terrific weekend and may the Easter Bunny leave colorful switchers in your Easter baskets! IMG_6513IMG_6464IMG_6531IMG_6545IMG_6557IMG_6558IMG_6572IMG_6548IMG_6551IMG_6550

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

Home Office - Patsburg, Maryland 


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Happy Switcher Saturday and Happy Easter & Happy Passover.

Rich, thanks for starting us with that nice photo of the the High Line in Manhattan. 

My contribution is my latest prewar #228 coming by way of a Happy Easter mailing message...well it's really an app from Photofunia.

Happy Easter 228 2019

easter 228 2019 more



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Yay SWSat is on!

I am up late today. Posting from a little spring break Vacation. Yesterday my family and I took train #69 from NYPenn to Montréal. I took this out the rear vestibule just before we crossed the border.


I am going to do my traditional SWSat Easter weekend post. Here are some pictures of my Egg Island layout. Egg Island is part of the Easter Island Archipelago. As you can see Egg Island has a very unusual geological formation. It is the world source of black jellybeans. It is riddled with black jellybean mines and a small railroad was made to move the beans around the island to the waiting ships to transport to beans to eagerly awaiting patrons around the world.


The Egg Island is full of Late K-line products. The track is O-16 Superstreets that preceded the K-Lionel days. The Porter and ore (black jellybean) cars do as well.

Have a great weekend. I can’t wait to see what you guys post. 

Member New York Society of Model Engineers (NYSME)


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It's SWSat and on the Plywood Empire Route the Scrapyard was just switched:




Business is picking up and the crane operator is becoming proficient 


Growing old is so much more fun than the only alternative.


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Just added an extension to my layout dedicated to switching and operations. In the process of scenicing it and getting the industrial buildings into place as well as lighting them. MY N&W 0-8-0 on a siding near the engine house and finishing up its rounds at the Pipe Company.  Later it got lashed up as the second unit with my Pennsy 0-6-0. Both engine are MTH Premiere. Both engines were weathered by Harry Hieke of Mt Eprhaim (Camden) N.J.




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coach joe posted:

Very nice pics everyone.

Dave, you posted two pics of #15.  The engine in the second is numbered 125.  There are enough similarities between the two that 125 could be a modified and re-numbered 15.  Do you know any of the history?

Sorry Joe, I goofed on the caption, it was supposed to be #125. Sorry I didn't see any info on the two engines...maybe the C&O Historical Site may be of help?





Saving Tinplate One Piece at a Time

cpowell posted:

It's a Beep fest before the peep fest.  Have a good weekend everyone.   -  Charlie


Nice collection of BEEPs Charlie. I just bought two more to add to the fleet. They are neat little buggers. Stay tuned for photos on a future edition of SWSat!


Three Rails Are Better Than None 

sawdust43 posted:


you can bet i'll be following the transformation of "diesel" in to a more realistic british "shunter"'s something i've considered but never followed through on...


I’ll keep you posted Howard not a lot of options out there for an O scale diesel shunter especially 3 rail. 




Home of the C.L.&M railroad






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