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Well I am a day late, but here is a tail end shot of my new ATSF Marx Caboose made between '52-'59

Marx SF caboose end view

Two older American Flyer tail ends...a American Flyer "champion" train from 1928-1935 but parlor car shown made from '31-'32)

AF Champion Set - rear view

American Flyer enameled passenger train from the late 30's (1939 for the cars)

Flyer set 301 full train

Well, since its "tail end Tuesday" I guess I can be the tail end and a day late!



Images (3)
  • Marx SF caboose end view
  • AF Champion Set - rear view
  • Flyer set 301 full train

I think this is the third or fourth tail end tuesday I have posted while looking out the window seeing everything obliterated

by the smoke from the california wildfires. Don't think we will get a summer this year.

Anyway, here are my tails.

A flyer cast aluminum zephyr, a tinplate zephyr, and another tinplate zephyr that someone has modified to

look like an aluminum zephyr. Good job actually. If you look he drilled out the sides of the added marker

lights so you could see them from front and sides.



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  • IMG_20210817_091551_4
  • IMG_20210817_091607_2
  • IMG_20210817_091620_6
  • IMG_20210817_091632_1
  • IMG_20210817_090256_1

Well its T.E.T so I guess i need to get my "T" moving and here is a little train, never an official set, that I made up with my "Allstate" tank cars, tender, and caboose.  In my little train, the engine which you can't see (its T.E. Tuoesday !) is a #400 but with an "Allstate" slope back tender.  The tankers are all Allstate of various levels the last one a simple 4 wheel low end plastic tanker.  The caboose is the orange Allstate bay window from 1958-1959, what Marx collectors typically call a "deluxe" car, although Marx never made any such distinction.

Allstate tank train - caboose view

Here is a better look at the "tail end" and the caboose.

Allstate tank train - caboose

Hope you all have a great week



Images (2)
  • Allstate tank train - caboose view
  • Allstate tank train - caboose

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