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Been off the Forum for a while. Checking back and looking around I saw all the awesome photos on this Tall Building thread but was surprised to see that with all the various techniques for building skyscrapers for O-Scale, no one seemed to have large LEGO buildings. While I don't currently have a model train layout for my O-Scale collections, my sons and I do have a large LEGO city with a skyscraper downtown.  All the tall buildings below are LEGO and all but one are custom desiigned by me. I placed the small Lionel Grand Central and some MTH cars to show the effect. Once I get around to having an O-Scale layout again it will be mainly urban with a variety of tall buildings...someday.


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Wow, I'd like to see that image a lot larger, so I can examine some of these buildings more closely. I'd always dismissed Lego because I felt the buildings had a certain look that I didnt feel meshed with my other toy buildings from earlier periods, but these look amazing, at least what I can see of them.  Do you have any closeups you can share?

Most LEGO building built from sets have a very toy-ish look. I just buy raw brick and build my own designs. Here's a full view of one of my towers:

Same building with some O-scale accessories (note I swapped out the LEGO palm trees in the above photo for Woodland Scenic trees), an MTH Subway Entrance and 1:50 Corgi buses and 1:43 cars:

Close-ups of some off my other building's lobby levels:


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Another Railking building bash, this time 3 "Neil's Guitars" painted dark brown, mortared, with butter cream windows and cornices and a customized Dreyfuss base. I used all 3 top floor's cornices to extend the height to 10 stories. My research could not find buildings with multiple cornices at different levels, although I did find pictures of buildings with ornate ledges at different levels. I love ornate buildings, circa late 19th century New York and Philly, among other cities. I wish we could have them in O-gauge.



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It has been a great while, so here's to Skip, God bless.


Back the the NJ HiRailers in October 20th 2019. You can see the Twin Towers just behind the transformers.


Overview from above at the control panel.IMG_20191020_132938

Coal tipple hiding on the left side of the frame above the stations.IMG_20191020_132940

Twin Towers poking up to the ceiling just about.IMG_20191020_132941

At the front of the layout looking at the city scene start around the layout with the mountains in the background.IMG_20191020_133506


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Tall Building Tuesday yet again. More from the 2019 NJ HiRailers Layout which I was talking to the security guard at work. I told him to look them up to see what events they have during the year. All of that started with me just talking about trains in general. Maybe he'll look them up?

Front of the city scene under the shadow of the Twin Towers.


The Piggly Wiggly just a couple blocks away from the Twin Towers.


The Subway running towards the city.


A look under the Twin Towers reveals a ton of tracks.


Icing station cooling off the produce and other things. Big buildings in the background.


I don't have too many tall building pictures left, I do have a bunch of videos though that I will have to switch over to.


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Ben, another great addition to the layout.  Not only is the building superb but the light show it provides is incredible.  Many extremely talented members of the NJHRs.

Pennysfan, awesome view of the layout and your tall buildings.

We've seen quite a few of the tall buildings from the NJHRs, but they've also got a PanAm/MetLife Building built by our Own Alex Mallie.  A picture of that would be nice.

I love these two big warehouses in particular.  Great color scheme and detailing!  Do you know where the trucks were purchased?

One of big warehouses was put together using Chooch Ultrascale II fronts  They arent made anymore  The other Rheingold building was put together with fronts created by Harry Heike     The Cab over trucks are mostly Athearn 1:48 Fords   The Rheingold trailers are from Weaver flat cars  The white trucks in the loading docks are Walmart specials

Well, it is Tuesday again, and the last of the pictures from the 2019 OGR 50th Anniversary Party at the NJ HiRailers. Next week I guess it will be the videos I shot.


I just want to say that anyone that is able to get in the area of NJ should definitely consider paying a visit to the NJ HiRailers. If I had not been told about this event back at October's 2019 York, I would never have been able to get all the pictures(and then some) that I have shared. They are excellent hosts, and anyone would just love a few minutes of looking around, let alone a few hours.


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