Texas and Pacific repainted F unit shells

Ryan Kunkle...

Last i heard the were going to let us know with an announcement when Lionel gets the replacement shells in.


Ryan said they will do them after this current batch of new product is finished...  i just expected sometime in Feb or March to hear something...

Maybe they will chime in here and clarify for us, but this is what i heard back in Sept.



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Griff Murphey posted:

Does anyone have contact info for whoever at Lionel is in charge of the shell exchange on the corrected F-7 repaints? Do they want the whole engine sent back, just the shells, or do you have an option?

got any pics of those they sound interesting

I can’t tell you much about it other they Lionel made an AA lashup in their Legacy line in 2017. $759 simoleans. They incorrectly painted the gray stripe silver. So apparently Lionel is offering to repaint them correctly. I am considering buying a pair but I want to be sure I can get the corrected shells. I understand they may not be available until April 2020. That’s all the information I have.

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