in June of 1998 at the TCA convention in Providence Rhode Island I was fortunate to buy reserved convention boxcars. I  left 3 rail and liquidated most everything as I thought I was moving to France in 2008. Happily things changed and I stayed here in my beloved USA but minus my trains.  Decided to replace most of it and rebuild the layout. So it has been fun replacing once owned. I had some difficulty replacing the convention cars as they were very expensive and somewhat not easy to obtain.

Texas Model Railroad store changed that. This was the last of the replacement items on my list. 

These were quite available, affordable, and impeccably packed arrived safe and sound from the Deep South to the New England.  They are mint in the box! I recommend the Texas Model Railroad train store.  




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RSJB18, I really like K line classic line railroad equipment. They are outstanding, great graphics, metal trucks and a good deal. I have a number of K line 6464 wannabe's classic liveries,  These were just special limited editions. Later, i will add footage of their maiden voyage.

nice T&P steam on your layout, thx Arnold. My grand daughter loved seeing that!

Leroof posted:

Well I made a little video on my cell phone.  Question is now what?

Arnold, or someone, please teach me how to go from cell phone movie to OGR! 

Thank you. Lol.

Just make a smartphone video less than 1 minute long, then when you post something on the Forum, click on "Add Attachments," which appears on lower right, then go to you Gallery on your smartphone, and click on the video you want to attach to your Forum post and follow the prompts. Arnold

In my little world, I leave this troubled world behind.

This must be the best kept secret in the train hobby.  I've lived in Texas for 42 years and have watched the train stores disappear one by one.  

But not this store.  With its reputation of a wide selection of products and low prices it really stands out.

Now if we can determine where it is physically located we can all go and "rock".

If it turns out to be the name of an online seller or business, then maybe we'll just have to rock online.

TEXASSP, I was fortunate to find my lost convention cars without ridiculous NETCA collectors prices! 

Yeah,not so much on a wide variety of O, but happy not to have to look for these.

i usually don't do collector pieces but these  McGuiness New Haven unusual box cars look great behind my NH EP5.  I believe that the cars were reissued at one point (k line) without the convention markings and the patterns and graphics were inverted. I had them too back in in early 2000.

graz posted:

Would this be the remnants of Lone Star Trains and Toys? They were a K-Line Superstore.

I thought someone had said that the owner had moved north or east of Dallas and was opening an online store.


No. Totally different people.

While Lone star did eventually close up their last location in Dallas and move to their nice ranch property out east, this is not them.   Lone star still has their eBay Store, as they've had since 1998.  Texas Toy Trains is fairly recent with a 2013 eBay start date.

I always had great times and great service from the Lone Star people.   The new one seems like a cool place as well, depending what you're looking for.

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