Hi`, i still have my tmcc base and remote from when Lionel first came out with TMCC, it all runs fine but as it is old do i need to upgrade to cab1L and base 1L or just leave it alone, thanks and Happy Holidays to all, Phil

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What texassp and others have said. Unless you have Legacy engines, and even if you do....TMCC Cab1 is just fine. All my engines have the old, basic system. And....the secondary market

( buy/ sell/trade) will still have many available engines for quite awhile...

C-57D  Pilot

I think you're Ok with TMCC if you're not running Legacy locs.  I run Legacy locs and I want all the features so I have had the Legacy system for years + years.   You might eventually see that as something you want, also.

But, dirty little secret, I use my CAB-1 frequently, too.   




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