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Tonight I thought it would be fun to lashup a couple of 2001 era tmcc Dash 9's just for fun. I figured one way to do this would be to change the ID of one to match the other and place them on the track coupled up, address them and go. This seemed to work ok but I got to wondering if there is a better way? And how does the nudge feature work, what does it do?

Thanks, Rod

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CSX Indy posted a good video on your question.

Yes, you can give both engines (or as many that are in the lash up) the same ID. But this causes the horn, bell and crew talk to activate at the same time when the buttons are push.

When you do a lash up, only the front engine bell, horn and crew talk are activated. That is why doing a lash up is better.


Original Command Base/ Cab1 hand held operator's manual has all the information for advanced operation, which includes multiple units.    Click on the underlined phrase to link, information page 22------- ??  

Other features of a lash-up consist.  

Front/Rear lights of the consist operate,  all other head/tail lights are off.

Front/Rear Couplers operate, not all couplers.  The consist operates as one engine. 

Engines/Units can be facing backwards as part of the consist.   

Legacy shortened/simplified some of the steps, but uses the same key pad inputs.   

Original TMCC only allowed for 9 consist numbers.  That was extended to 99 with Legacy.    

Most unusual feature, IMO.    To Break a consist, each engine must be assigned to Train (TR-0)

Have fun, Mike CT.  


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Thanks for all the input, all good! I managed to find the original TMCC command set box under the layout, and dug out the manual, complete with a couple of moths and spider webs! Haha! In it I found the lashup procedure as you said Mike CT, so I'll play with that a bit.

I have done lashups previously with DCS, but never with TMCC/legacy, so we will see how it goes. It's not something I normally do for sure.


So after a few false starts I got my 2 engine lashup working finally. It all seems to behave as it should except low speed operation is very herky-jerky. It acts like the two engines are fighting each other, is this normal? When I separate them by a few inches though, and run them heel to toe (still as a lashup) they seem to pace each other very well and both are smooth. Any ideas?

These particular engines are circa 2001/2002 Dash 9's with Odyssey.

Thanks for any ideas,


So I have been playing with various momentum settings, and setting the stall speed. Not much has changed except L momentum seems to cause the least amount of trouble. These engines don't have ODY On-Off switches, so I guess there is no way to switch that off. The owners manual says Odyssey is always on in command mode. Whoopee.

I guess that's a wrap; there is no way they are ever going to play well together as a lashup. Thanks to all for the help and suggestions. Back to plan B whatever that is.  



Replace the DCDS with ERR Cruise Commander M modules, problem solved.

Yeah that's how I am leaning John. These are CN Dash 9's #2528 and #2529. I would really like to be able to run them as  lashup hauling the Tank Train of about 2002, for which I now have quite a bunch of extra tank cars. #2528 is the one that came with the Tank Train and #2529 was a separate sale engine sold a year earlier I believe.

Interestingly the #2528 came with led headlights and B/U lights (but  incandescent ditch lights), whereas #2529 came with incandescent bulbs all around. Yet they are identical in every other way. It must have been during the transition era when Lionel was switching from bulbs to leds I guess. So another project is upgrading the latter one to leds all around to match #2528.

Is there any place less expensive to buy CC-M modules than GGD/3rd Rail?


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