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Sunday April 14th 77 deg. partly cloudy.

Monday April 15th 78 deg. mostly sunny.

Tuesday April 16th 74 deg. partly cloudy.

Wednesday April 17th 65 deg. pm showers

Thursday April 18th 59 deg.  showers

Friday April 19th 68 deg. cloudy

Saturday April 20th 62 deg. partly cloudy.

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Yep, pack the woolies and be ready for anything.

Actually, the forecast I get from The Weather Channel is very similar. to the last one.  It's not going to change my mind.


That's because the weather changed again from the time I posted last night, and BTW, it has changed again after your post, as showers are in the forecast for Saturday afternoon... Great to know that it is not going to change your mind about going to the Meet. That would have been devastating news.


The current Weather Channel forecast for the entire York week is terrific. There is no rain in the forecast Monday-Friday. The weather is actually supposed to be quite warm for this time of year, with temperatures in the high 70s most of the days. The only chance of rain is  Saturday, where the Weather Channel states: "Partly cloudy early followed by mostly cloudy skies and a few showers later in the day."

So it sounds like any rain will be after the Meet closes, and potentially after the teardown. However, the York forecast has changed many times over the past few days, and that is likely to happen again before or during the Meet, so I wouldn't take any of this to the bank...


@irish rifle posted:

Well said. The good news is that we know that the forecast will change again, hopefully to a more favorable one. The only questions are when the changes will occur and how significant they will be...

Well, it's looking pretty good for my drive home, not so much for the time at York.   I think I'll pack my Umbrella...


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