I am getting a very loud hum when the engine is powered up and on the track. Turning the engine sounds up via aux1 only mask the noisey hum. Tryed the manual volume pot still no change. With the manual volume pot at full volume and the engines sounds at off via the aux1 the noisey hum is very loud and annoying why is this hum occurring and what is the fix here?

Roger g.


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That seems really loud. The Gensets do emit a hum type noise when just sitting powered up, but mine are not that annoying. A friend had the NS Genset for a short time and returned it because of the hum.


Yes I had not used this engine for a long while. I took it off the shelf to add it to my dcs remote and thats when I noticed the loud hum. I do not recall it doing this before. This engine needs a new smoke unit controll board so untill I get the part I can wait to open it up. Just was courios as to the hum and what to look for here.

Roger g.

My VL UP Genset has always had this issue and I eventually resigned myself to thinking that it would sit on a powered track just saying, "I'm an O gauge electric train!" On the plus side the slow speed performance and smoke/light features of this model more than make up for a slight background buzz.

But the OP's background noise is a lot louder than mine. I had another VL engine (ATSF 3000) that had about that level of noise and other issues. Finally had to send it to Alex M. for service and he found that there was an issue with a board that was overheating. Even after repair, however, the engine still has a background buzz that is common in Legacy models of this vintage.

I am not sure how the waveform affects this; with the Genset I have had the same issue using either a Z4000 or a ZW-L. 

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