I've been working on my scenery, and I thought I'd post a video to show my progress. I'm planning to put a logging operation in the valley behind the bridge and a silver mine on the upper level behind the valley. As you can see from the video, I still have a lot of work to do.


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Thanks everyone for your comments. I have thought about access, and I think I will be okay. There is actually about an 18" gap between the back of the layout and the wall, so I will be able to walk around and access most of the hidden areas from the back. I am planning on building an access hatch at the center of the valley seen at the beginning of the video. There will also be one hidden track on the far side of the layout that will only be accessible by crawling under the table.


Very cool.  I love the work you did with the rocks/mountain.  Reminds me of my three-room table layout.  It took me a few years to figure out how to build around the existing stuff without interfering with their functions.  It's a never ending project.  It looks like you left just enough space (in most places) to get under there for backdrop installation.  Otherwise, as Mark suggested, you may need one of those topside creepers.



Looks great, and a really interesting track plan.  Keep us posted....



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Those access areas in the back are seldom visible to me in photographs and I don’t think of them probably because I don’t have room to do it myself.  Sounds like you are covered on access!  A very good plan!

Jerry, Those are very nice photographs of yours as well!

johnf posted:

There is actually about an 18" gap between the back of the layout and the wall, so I will be able to walk around and access most of the hidden areas from the back.

You will have lots of incentive to remain thin as you age.

Awesome Work!


"I'd rather be lucky than good"

Here are a few pictures and a video to show some of the progress on my layout:

I live in Kentucky, so I have to have a horse farm. 


I just finished putting together this model of a silver mine.

IMG_20190618_143108 [1)

I finally installed my Atlas turntable on the other end of the layout.


Here is a short video of a new bridge I installed near the center of the layout. I think I'm going to put a small town in this area.



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Thanks for the comments everyone.


Here are some more details about how I did the rocks:

I used latex molds from Bragdon Enterprises to make hydrocal castings. I placed these as close together as possible and filled in the seams with carving plaster from Woodland Scenics. Then I used a small metal scraper to rough up the carving plaster to make it blend in with the hydrocal castings. Finally, I painted the rocks using the "leopard spot" technique that is described in this video from Woodland Scenics.

This is a picture of the latex molds. I made some smaller castings to help fill in the gaps.


This shows some rock castings in place but before the seams are filled in.


This is about half way through the process.



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Wow! Very nice, I really like the length, you will be able to run long trains and have them look good. Great progress on the scenery, I understand with a layout this large the scenery takes time and some times seems daunting, don't get discouraged, in time it will be done.


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