Anyone have video mainly and some pictures of any of the other Vision challengers? Like the Clinchfield or the Rio Grande Versions? Curious to know if sounds are same and what some of the crew talk sounds like!

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There are a number of videos of the "49er" themed Challenger posted online....but watching them will hurt your at the very end of the first Indiana Jones movie when they open the Ark.

Seriously though, the sound appears to be almost the same....other then cab specific crew talk.  Same Tower Guy and a really old sounding Engineer who is several years past retirement.

There are some videos of the Western Maryland Challenger online as well.....which really look sharp.  Not to go off topic, but if that locomotive was not BTO, I'd wager it would sell fairly well.  I'm not a WM fan, per se, but that Challenger really looks good in the videos.

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Heres my western Maryland.

If you feel heat and hear the fan, there's nothing wrong with your dynamo other than it is thirsty. After an hour and a half you burned through all the fluid in there and it is completely dry. You need to add some fluid every 15-20 minutes or you will char the wick. "A few" drops of fluid is not going to do a thing to a dried out charred wick. Give it a drink....please!


Dj'sOgaugetrains posted:

We’re are all the clinchfield ppl at??

 FWIW. Heres forum member Rich Battista's outstanding video of the first run VL Clinchfield has the interesting "out of sync "chuffs.




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