I have seen a number of the ceramic "Christmas Village", types, nominal O scale, in tourist trap gift shops such as in Pigeon Forge (Tn., Smokies), Rockport, Mass., Cape Cod, Mystic, Conn. and other coastal locations. You might search "Christmas Village" auction and other sites.  I think people collect them, so.....should be a selection..

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

I have two of the Lionel lighthouses. One is in the red scheme and one in the black scheme. I have painted the base of the red one and put some path way gravel on it. It looks really nice. I havent done anything go the black one.  If you're interested Ill ship either one to you for 135 dollars.,I have the boxes but not the shippers box. I will ship it insured and in a good box.

Hello Jim,

The lighthouse used in that old video looks exactly like one I have from Mr. Christmas Holiday Innovations, 1996.  There are many of them for sale and stands nearly 11 inches tall.   It comes with a green and red shaded lens that rotates.  


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Hey everyone

Thanks for the replies.  I ended up finding a Lionel Lighthouse tower from ebay that fits perfect in my area.   I need to find the top or make one myself.  

I did look into the ceramic ones from Department 56 or Lemax, but they were too small and didn't look right with the custom scale buildings I have on my layout.   



I plan to custom paint the day markings, as I am not fond of the red/white pattern.



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