FOUND please delete Moonman found track for me.

I'm starting a new layout in my Apartment and want to use K line Super track.   New or Used. 

Larry Wener in Calgary, AB, Canada.    If you have  or know where it is.   I'm interested. in building a layout like this on 3 ft by 6 ft tables.two6foottables


Larry3railtrains in Calgary, AB, Canada

As Sheldon says"  There is ONLY "O" Gauge"


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K-Line Super-Snap track evolved into the Ready Made Trains brand and now what's left is sold under the O-Line Reproductions brand. Same switch, different packaging. Switches can still be found new at Pat's Trains: and probably a few others; I bought some from Pat's last fall and their service was excellent. 

The track itself may be tough to find, but the switches will mate with traditional Lionel tubular O-Gauge track. The tabs on the switch will get in the way of the tie when you mate it with tubular track, but that is fixed easily enough by moving the tie away from the switch slightly so it clears the tabs. 

Keep us posted on your progress. 


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Hi Larry. If I remember well I believe you built a postwar type layout with the K line track and Lionel 022's.  I have done the same thing in my former layout.

I used three foot wide bases(mine:semi hollow doors with homosote on top) with good success.  The curves were all 031 k line tubular and lionel 022's .

I missed it so much when sold, I decided to build something like your apartment plan using  K line  second time around. Great for the space.

May I ask you what and how many curves (other than 031 too?) and straight pieces you (standard length or other ?) you used in your new plan?  It's surely a neat plan with reversible direction possible. I can see your plan but not sure of all the components. Thanks for any help and cool ideas. I think I can build one like this. Have the doors and a few turnouts and some super snap.

Good luck with your plan.


Leroof   - I did not build this yet.  It was sent to me by another forum member.     He says it is  14 0-31 Curves and approx 20 straights 10" with some fitter pieces. Along with 6 0-31 switches.


Larry3railtrains in Calgary, AB, Canada

As Sheldon says"  There is ONLY "O" Gauge"

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