Looking to purchase QSI decoders for 2 repowering projects.  One is to replace a failed QSI Titan Magnum installed in a Weaver PRR Shark nose BP20.  The other is for a decoder less Sunset E7 B unitNormally I'd install a Soundtraxx Tsunami4400 in the units but in these instances I want QSI decoders so that the motor control and sounds match that in QSI driven companion units.  I have a QSI Programmer and the ability to download QSI firmware and sound files to match the paired units.



Ed Rappe           PRRT&HS 421

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Well, you could contact Q S industries directly and see what they have to match.     Also you could check with Sunset to see if they will the decoders separately.   They apparently buy them in bulk for their products.

Or you could watch the used market.    Rod Miller just sold two that I was tempted by, but waited too long.   I am always worried about used decoders.   I had one once and it was DOA.    Not sure what the guy did when removing it, but I could never get it to wake  up.

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