Warm White vs. Bluish LED bulbs in Postwar cars and engines Help requested

I’m looking for some firsthand LED information from those who have done it.

I have several Postwar steam engines (2037, 2018 etc) that use a bayonet type bulb and I want to start using LED bulbs. Not having any firsthand experience with LED bulbs, I “think” I want the warm white color vs. the blue tint color. What type do you use and are you satisfied, if not, why?

I don’t want to get involved with rewiring a different socket or adding a circuit board.

Similar question for some 2440 series passenger cars. They use a single screw thread 430 bulb.

I don’t want to get involved with adding a circuit board or using a strips of mini bulbs. I might consider changing the bulb socket to a bayonet type if that is what’s needed.

Thank you in advance.



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I prefer the warm white.  It mimics incandescent lamps of the past with their yellowish glow.  You can buy LEDs already wired with resistors for 12 volt operation.  It would require some reworking of the wiring inside the car.  Or, as I think you said, simply buy the LED replacement for the present incandescent lamp in the car.  

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