Forum memebers I am just curious how many of you watch yotube  or online model train related videos and what types of them you like to watch. I am kinda doing  my own unscientific survey here. let me know by commenting with the corresponding number beside the categories that you watch or search for when viewing online content videos. if by the way you like or search all the categories just type 5 for "ALL the above". 

1) layout and layout tour type videos

2) product reviews videos

3) how too's and instructional videos

4) following a layout build progress video by one or more modelers 

5) all the above

I would also like to know the amount of hours rufly you spend online watching model train related content. do you watch online content daily or maybe just on a lazy saturday afternoon. have a favorite youtube channel you follow or like. I would be interested in that too. what scales do search for or watch such as oscale or h.o. content or do you watch all types regardless of scale.

my own answers are as follows...

5 all the above , I watch daily after work maybe for 30 min. to somtimes 2 hours. I also love to watch or binge on model train related videos on most saturday or sunday afternoons if time permits. I like watching all scales for ideas and tips. erics trains and james wright are just two of my favorite youtube channels there are many more I like and subscribe too.

go ahead and let me know your answers as I am eager to hear how you use online content to help you enjoy the hobby we love. thanks.

Roger g.

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The only train videos I ever watched extensively was the McComas & Tuoy 6 video set that was made maybe in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I've mentioned this video set, which was later made into a DVD set, many times on this Forum. I highly recommend it. 

Our distinguished OGR Forum members, Elliot (Big Boy . . .) and Phil Klopp are featured in this video/DVD set. Arnold

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I'm addicted, or so says SWMBO.  And since I discovered that my 60" smart TV is smarter than I, my afternoon naps begin with Youtube.  And guess what I search for there ?   mostly my viewing fits categories 1 & 2.  

Dan Padova


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I would love to watch more than I do. 

I'm a relative newcomer to the hobby.  I got involved in O Gauge less than 2 years ago.  So my first move was to look for YouTube videos.  I was surprised (and still am) at how little quality content there is.  I still find myself watching more HO videos than anything else. 

Eric's Trains product reviews are a notable exception to the usual junk in the O Gauge world.  Outside of YouTube, the McComas videos are quality but the OP asks specifically about YouTube. 

IMO, it's mostly unwatchable (poorly lit, bad audio, standard def, etc.).  But the hobby is heavily populated by older folks who aren't necessarily into video/YouTube.  I suspect things will improve dramatically in the next few years. 


I don't watch much model train stuff on youtube, mostly real trains and of that mostly Virtual Railfan cameras. But I do love anything by Tom McComas. 

I did watch a great video of the Lionel North Carolina office the other day. They showed how they are assembling some freight cars here in the states and actually using printers to put graphics onto cars (custom print cars where you can put your birthday or a family members name and picture). It was super cool. 

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No not at all.  I've watched you tube videos on repair of a tub faucet, brake repair on newer cars, or converting a 62 amp blade server power supply for normal hobby use.

I might watch a purchased tape or DVD of trains once a year.  Those i can easily stop and restart as desired.  Plus there is a certain level of quality and perspective. 

My grandson and i go and watch real trains about twice a week.  There you can be as close as you want, if you need the "experience".

I watch Youtube Videos all the time, I do look at all kinds of different stuff, I watch model train videos, and I agree with Arnold about the videos he mentioned from McComas, I have a number of his videos.  I watch them when I'm walking on my treadmill in the winter, really makes the time go by.  Forgive me for saying this as its probably not the right place to state it but my other love/hobby is airplanes.  I especially love WWII aircraft with the P-51's as my all time favorite and the F-18 Super Hornets come in a close 2nd.  I've got almost as many kits as I do trains, shhhhhhh, wife doesn't know that, she just has suspicions about them.  I also enjoy watching on the Tube the videos about the European Railroads, especially the German railroads.  We lived in Germany in the middle 60's, Stuttgart to be exact and they were still running steam on a regular basis.  The German RR's, even the rest of Europe, seem to me anyway, to be much farther advanced than the US but I think that the great money pit in Washington is, fully to blame for the US lagging behind them.  The Germans have restored many many of their steam locomotives and continue to restore and rebuild older equipment.  I think I watch their videos more than anything else.  They also run them a lot more than the US does.

Good thread, thanks for starting it.



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I watch a wide variety of train videos on YouTube, prototype including lots of Virtual Railfan but usually only Deshler, Ohio and Ashland, Virginia (lots of Amtrak) locations.  For model trains I like holiday displays a lot, but I do watch Eric's Trains once in a while.  I also watch upgrade videos occasionally but that is definitely the exception.


If I have any O Gauge train heros, they would be those featured on the McComas & Tuoy 6 video/DVD set. They we also, IMO, an excellent cross-section of great model railroaders at the time they were made, who had mostly O Gauge, and some Standard Gauge, layouts.

It is very cool that we have active Forum members who were featured on that McComas & Tuoy set.

I agree that great model train videos and DVDs can be very inspiring, instructive, and entertaining, and they can be great for promoting our hobby.

I greatly appreciate this thread because it motivates me to look for more model train videos, including those produced by OGR Magazine. Arnold

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I watch all kinds. Mostly O scale, but some H.O. and quite a few prototype videos. One of my favorites is the Yakima Valley Traction Railway sectional layout in H.O. I was thinking it would be interesting to build one in O scale.

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YouTube Channel

I'm a late o-scale bloomer too.  A o-scale newbie.   I enjoy watching hobby videos on occasion.   I will watch mainly videos that pertain to the scale that I'm playing with at the time.   And I also enjoy at times watching layout overview videos as well, stuff like where they might show a layout in progress or maybe a video of the completed layout and voiceover or whatever.   

I'm a very visual person so I enjoy videos.   Its much easier for me to watch a video on how to rebuild an E-unit than it is to read instructions how to rebuild an E-unit for example. 



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