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Noticed that Weaver has just announced that they will be doing the Boston and Maine P4 Pacific 3713, currently undergoing restoration at Steamtown.  As a longtime B&M fan, I am very happy that we O gaugers will finally have this iconic locomotive to add to our O gauge rosters.  I will certainly be reserving one!  Who else is in?? 

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3713 is progressing nicely, and has been/is being restored through 100% or very nearly all donated funds.  Right now there are many pieces and assemblies being constructed off site, and with Winter on the way, you should see a lot of progress by the time the snow thaws.  I think you may see the yard goat back on the rails by Sept, and 3713 two years after that, but I'm guessing.  3254 can't have too much flue time left, so one way or another it will happen.  

At York I was able to see the model in person at Weaver's both.  The pictures posted on Weaver's website do not do the model any justice....it looked absolutely fantastic in person!  Please Weaver, post some clearer, up close photos of the model from all angles.



Did anyone else get their B&M Pacific?  Mine came on Friday, Oct. 18.  I am torn.  All of the advance publicity that I saw only showed no. 3713 being available. When I opened my box, I was startled to see that it is no. 3710, "Peter Cooper." 

I will need to call Weaver to find out what I need to get a 3713, if it is indeed available. While the engine is perfect in appearance, I am disappointed that I don't get to have my own "Constitution" running on my track.  

By the way, if you want information on the restoration of B&M 3713 at Steamtown NHS in Scranton, here is the website:  www.project3713.com

I got mine yesterday. Other than a problem with the water hatch lid having come off, it seems very nice. Able to pull a MTH heavyweight passenger consist of 2 baggage, 1 RPO, reefer, and 6 passenger cars with no difficulty - all I have for B&M. I must say, with most of my motive power in action being MTH and Lionel, I find that I miss some of the little things like wireless connections or inertia speed control, but it will do quite fine I think.


Here are some pictures...



Boston Maine 3713 1

Boston Maine 3713 2

Boston Maine 3713 3

Boston Maine 3713 4

Boston Maine 3713 5

Boston Maine 3713 6




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Jumijo - I have the "K-Marx" version, though not the True Marx.


I also recently found a version that I wanted badly in my early teens, but didn't get: the HO Athearn version. $10.95/$15.95 kit/r-t-r in 1962 or so. I paid $40.00 for mine this year. Actually, that's cheaper. It's in my "tiny locomotive" collection.


The Weaver version is really appealing, but the B&M is not relevant to me and the price

is high. Not necessarily too high, but more than a "nice to have" is worth to me.

Now, if I live to see the sometimes mythical Blow-Out/estate sale, hmmm.

But how could I explain the B&M(!) in amongst my GM&O, L&N and Southern Railway

steam? I guess I could sneak it in around all my NYC stuff - less "wrong".

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