I need to remove the wheel wiper from a Weaver FA power truck to solder the pick up wire back onto the wiper.  I have been warned not to just pull the side frame off because the mounting pin will most likely brake off.  Is there a good method to remove the side frame and not risk braking the pin?  Please advise.  Thanks.

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Hi John (Chris),  Thanks for the note but I must be dumber than a stone because I have not found a slot near the post that holds the side frame in that will accept a screw driver.  I'm looking from the top of the truck just outboard of the truck attaching screw hole.  Is this slot at the bottom of the channel that supports the pivot screw at the center of the bolster just to the inside of the wiper when viewed from the top.  If so, all I see is a square hole, the wiper and the pivot post from the side frame.  Do I have a different truck or should I be looking from the bottom???? I just don't see it.  Should I use a hammer?  Please advise.  Thanks!  Jim S    


I insert a pair of needle-nose pliers from the underside of the truck, in between both studs in the center of the truck, then open out the pliers. One or the other, or if you're lucky - both sideframes will pop out of the locating frame.

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You need to perform the extraction with the loco upside-down on its roof.  The truck bolster is molded with a U-shaped channel on its underside.  Each truck side has a protruding shaft which snaps into the bolster.  These stub shafts are visible in the channel, they don't quite meet in the center, there's a gap which is the point of purchase for your tool.  Either the screwdriver or pliers method described above will work.  After the first couple of times the side frames get a little looser and will pop out easily.  Hope this clears things up!

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Thanks to one and all for your input.  Side frames are off!  By a stroke of desperation I put one jaw of a long nose plyer on the post end of the side frame and the other jaw on the square hole on the bottom side of the bolster and squeezed.  Off came the side frame with little effort.  Thanks again!  Regards,  Jim S.

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