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@boomer0622 That is in fact a Weaver car. Weaver and Ace Hardware seem to have had a working relationship as there are several Ace Hardware freight cars that they produced. I have seen that boxcar, a tank car, and a four-bay centerflow hopper, but there might be others. As to your car, if you search "weaver ace boxcar" on the bay, you will see a listing with your boxcar there in a Weaver box.

Weaver did a lot of custom runs, and as Mike CT mentioned, they had a 100 car minimum plus 5%, while the other manufacturers' required 500, . They did runs for Bloomsburg University, Buffalo Creek, and of course, our former groups annual offering. They also did printing for other manufacturers.  I forgot about these two hoppers. Both were from the scrap bin at Weaver that I used as templates for loads.



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Back when we were doing custom runs they wanted three hundred. You could do two hundred but that meant the price per car was higher. A lot of times I would take 300 but would spilt the run. I would have them do 150  one way and another 150 painted different.

I would do150 all lime green

and another 150 lime green with dark green roof and underframe.


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Very cool @jim sutter and good strategy with that split down the middle and thus getting more variety in paint schemes for the same price.

Speaking of custom runs- this was actually my first Weaver freight car. Not the NYC hopper.

Iron Heritage Festival Stock car. Produced for the Iron Heritage Festival in Danville, PA-I believe from 2004


The numbers on the bottomimage

theres no point in prefacing “one of my favorites” I love them all! PS-1 Penn Security Box Car, with a “return to Scranton when Empty”.


think this was also a limited run, came with a certificate(no #s on bottom like above) that gave the history of Penn Security- a bank that had served in the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Area where the hobby shop at which I bought this car is located


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Good Afternoon everyone,

Sorry, I have been away for a couple of days but now I am home.

Freight Train Jim, Thank you for posting pictures of two of your Weaver cars. Your Iroquois Beer car is really sharp.

Beth that's a great idea. I'm sure a lot of people would like to see them. I know I would. So post away.

Bob Bubeck, I can understand why you like those cars.

Mark, Thank you for posting pictures of your Southern hoppers and your Beacon Feeds PS-2 covered hoppers.

IMG_4072 [1)IMG_4086IMG_4088Ii

Jim , I have really been enjoying this thread with all the different Weaver cars and everyone good memories of Weaver

Here are a few of my favorite Weaver cars

The PRR box I custom painted to go with a PRR wreck train

I painted the LNE caboose for my dad and then 20 years later found the factory painted one!

The PRR C1 is from my dads collection. He had me paint out Masonic emblems. She is great runner but fast,

I latter added ERR cruise commander to it and it runs slow enough to use it for a switcher!

Anyone remember the neat display layout Weaver took to York show in the late 1990's I really liked the way the train would snake through the display . Does anyone have a picture of it ?

The Weaver crew were always great folks to deal with if you needed parts or had questions.



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