Weekend Photo Fun 4-21-17-??

These are my military rail cars. .  I have the Weaver kitchen car, troop sleeper and the hospital car.  I also have a Weaver Army box car and flatcar.  By the way, I have never had any problems with warping on the hospital cars.  MattAn SP Harriman Consolidation pulling Army hospital carsHospital and Sleeper CarsHospital Train #5Hospital Train #6Hospital Train #7Medical Car [1 of 1)Troop Sleeper [1 of 1)Box car [1 of 1)2015-06-28 001 024Military Flatcar [1 of 1)

Railway termini are our gates to the glorious and the unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return.
Edward M. Forster


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coach joe posted:

BAR nice containers on the MEC flat.  How did you make them and what are you hauling in them?

COACH JOE. Thanks. They are just old glass bottles. First must wash them and paint yellow. Then little weathering & printed text. I hauling them some industrial liquid waste.


My newest engine, a Lionel 681 turbine with 12 wheel whistling  tender.


Blessed is The Man that trusts in the LORD, whose hope is in Him. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters and never fails to bear fruit.


          Jeremiah 17 : 7-8


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Great pics, Finger is numb but so what. Been a while since I was here but always worth the wait.  Scott gives us pirates, Putnam Division brings back York past. All is missing is Ebenezer and his ghosts. But wait bluelinec4 brings us Weekend at Barry's so the York story continues. Walt brings us Christmas past while SIRT, BAR GP7 #63, CNJ #1601 show of their weathering skills and Rustykamel gives us a rust bucket. lehighline brings us the B&O while STANGTRAIN takes us to steamtown. Alex M builds a furniture factory,  PRRMiddleDivision gives us the art of the bridge and aubv pours concreate.  Christopher2035 survives New Jersey and Putnam Division puts his life at risk with scrapple.   NJCJOE gives us the Blue Comet while Steamer introduces a new bread of dog.

So here is my 2 cents, some great northern GP35 action







US Army retired




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Cool photos everyone!

I can finally run trains continuously on the mainline loop. 

Here's a B&P local waiting for a signal, while a CR empty slab steel train passes.


The BP local is on the move as the slab train clears.


Hopefully I'll have the signals installed for this interlocking soon.


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