Weekend Photo Fun 5-19-17-??

suzukovich posted:

Cool pics so far. Scott pirates are always winners with the kids.  PennsyPride94 not to sound like a broken record but I like the first three pics too but also the fifth one. Rich and AG both are nice scenes. Patrick always like see your layout and since some of the shots are fall scenes . works as a lead in to mine. I guess its going to be one of those BN type of days









You are the snow scene master!


Here's a more finished Canyon on my layout. I'm not finished yet. Have to complete the river, line the road, more trees, but it's taking shape. I will also put some sort of structure on the right side of the road.

I'm proud of this because it is the ONLY section on the layout that you don't see bare plywood. I'm working on it guys but you all know LIFE happens.



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