Weekend tinplate photos/videos 2/16/18!

Robert S. Butler posted:

Please keep tossing it around.  You never know - before you know it we might have a tinplate version of the Natty Bo effort. 

I am definitely doing one. My issue with Natty Boh is the white background. That's better suited to water slide decals than my proposal. I did my three stooges car that way. Plus, the white hurts my eyes.

How about the Old Hildelberg reefer or the comic Burp 'O Beer?


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I found these on line, if it's not appropriate to have them here, remove them and I am sorry.  Point is, there are probably thousands of possibilities...  Would make an insanely cool string of tinplate reefers....  Like Robert says, with cleaner more detailed graphics but still either litho or printed on the tin..  One bog thing I like about the litho cars is the lines between the side boards which is one cool detail litho can provide on a flat side.  Doesn't have to be beer reefers either, plenty of meats etc.


Dennis Holler If its old and broke, I like it


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William 1 posted:

You guys are nuts.  In a good way...

I still have two color versions of the Olde Frothingslosh beer cans.  I believe the model’s name was Fatima Yeckburg.  Can’t argue with that.  

I think you are right but haven't spell checked you. We don't do that on the tinplate forum. It wasn't her real name.

Unfortunately, she died recently. I read her obituary.


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