What Did You Find At York This Time?

Well, this was my first trip to York, and I must say it was unbelievable!  The most important things were that I met so many of you great people for the first time in person!  Second, some of the Pittsburgh Independent Hi-Railers took me under their wing, giving advice and a place to room.  Also, the weather was fantastic!

Yes, I got some great deals as well!  I was looking for specific things, so I passed a lot of tables with a glance, where I would have lingered at smaller shows.

First, I was open for a first generation hood unit diesel, PS-2 or PS3, TMCC or Legacy in Western Maryland livery.  Here is a Legacy GP-7 that I found for an amazing price.

2017-10-21 11.56.28

Next, Atlas O Steam Era Classics billboard reefers.  A&P was high on the list.  Lo and behold I found one, at another great price!2017-10-21 11.52.53

Well a K-Line Heinz Pickle car sure fit the bill too.  I got a plastic Heinz pickle pin when I went there on a field trip in grade school.  My wife did too, when her school went.  I bought this car from one of my favorite Forum sponsors.2017-10-21 11.53.23

I was looking for an N&W caboose to go with my Legacy N&W Train Master.  This car fit the bill perfectly!2017-10-21 11.54.44

I have been looking for some short Western Maryland passenger cars for a long, long time.  Well a FaceBook group friend had an MTH PS-2 Western Maryland Berkshire on display.  His sign said he had 6 cars as one big package.  I asked about the cars, '60 foot Railking.  He didn't want to break up the set with the Pacific, but I had spent the money I had planned to spend.  He offered I pay a deposit, and pay the rest later.  So here is the add on car I took with me.  I sold a RailKing B&O SW-9 later, so I have half the money to pay him for the set.

2017-10-21 11.55.30

I also bought the last Ross Custom Switch I need for my track plan, bought a couple types of glue, a set of trucks for a car I like that has a damaged truck. 

Last, I spent time talking with a number of manufacturers and dealers talking about products and the hobby in general.  I picked up information on two products I want to research in more detail before making a commitment.  Lastly, I want to say again, I was really glad to meet so many for you from this Forum!!!  I love the Forum, and consider all of you my good friends!!  It was a great time indeed!!!


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scott.smith posted:

Am I the only wanted that wanted to buy some Megasteam wacky weed scent and spread it around for the K-9 unit outside of Orange Hall?

Scott Smith

Lol, you could have tried, Scot, but I guarantee K-9 dogs are so well trained and have a nose disciplined to overlook and ignore such imitation and wannabe scents. Those smells might trick our feeble olfactory cells but not the ones those dogs have.




This York was the first time that I made it out for the bandit meets on Wednesday, and I, along with a couple of my fellow PIHR members, made it to all four of the meets.   I almost couldn't believe how nice the weather was!

I sold a bunch of stuff off my tables in the Blue Hall (people seemed to be in a buying mood from what I could tell) and made room in my truck to bring home some more goodies:

  • A Corgi Heinz box truck (found this at the Wyndham bandit meet)
  • A LOTS 2010 State of Maine Boxcar
  • An Atlas PMCK&Y Boxcar
  • A Weaver PRR Flat Car with Containers
  • 200 unpainted Circus Craft seated boy and girl figures (which will eventually be painted and used to populate my Polar Express coaches)
  • Rich Battista's new Blu-Ray
  • The new "Steamed" Blu-Ray from OGR
  • And last, but not least, a Jack Pearce custom-lighted PRR dining car (been wanting one for nearly 10 years, and now I have one! )

Overall, this was one of my best Yorks so far in terms of how good a time I had.  I'm already ready for the countdown to begin for the next York. 

Another thing that made this York into a real memory-maker for me was that I had one of the PVP Three Mile Island boxcars for sale on my table, and after rejecting a *bunch* of low-ball offers from other dealers for a day and a half, I sold it to a gentleman who works for the company that owns or operates TMI.  He was tickled to be able to get it and told me he was going to be the envy of all his co-workers when he shows it off to them before it goes to a prominent display in his man-cave.  It feels so good to find a forever-home for those special pieces.


TCA, LRRC, LCCA, Atlas Golden Spike (Charter Member), MTHRRC, LOTS, Pittsburgh Independent Hi-Railers - "Diesels represent the job, steam represents the adventure!"


That is great that The right person got the TMI car you told me about!!!!  

Also, I want to thank you publicly for coaching me on my first trip to York!!!!  You, Scott, and Dave made me feel like an old pro!  Hats off to the Pittsburgh Independent Hi Railers once again!!

I bought a few things this time:

-Atlas LV Milk car (though I couldn't find the Philadelphia and Reading one I'm hunting for)

-Atlas Reading Hopper

-Four Atlas undecorated gondolas (saw one, and the guy offered 4 for $100, so how could I say no)

-Lionel prewar Flying Yankee whistle

-MTH LNE cement hopper



-Michael R.


TCA 10-65677


Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.

-Will Rogers

2 Kline Pennsylvania heavyweight passengers cars from Eastern Depot to go along with the 6 car sent I have.

Lionel Conrail U30C dummy #6838 to go with the Legacy #6837 engine. This dummy is hard to find but a guy in the red hall had 30% off everything. 

I always start in Silver at one particular vendor who I became friends with him and his brother over the years, then off to red and white halls. Always find some great deals in those halls. Another guy there had 50% off everything on his tables but nothing I needed.

Bought 3 pieces this time around at York. I figure this to be about #50 or so consecutive Yorks since first attending in 1992.

Still the best train meet, show, whatever you want to call it.

Ted Bertiger Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J. www.ocsmr.com

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